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Welcome to Kwik Mugs.

The prices of our mugs are less than £10 per mug regardless of how many pictures or how much text is added. (This is based on cost of materials and the work involved creating the template and transferring this onto the mug and does NOT include postage and packaging)

There are currently not many photographs of personalised items as we will not post peoples personal pictures/text without their permission. As time goes along, more will be added.

Please feel free to wander around and don't hesitate to use the email button to get in touch if you wish to enquire about items or even about something not listed. we will do our best to accommodate you 

You will find a majority of our listed mugs currently only showing the image that will be used as it is not cost effective to print every single product as a mug. 
Please click the links above to see our full range ( please note these links will take you to our main sales website This Day in History)

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And if you are looking for something completely different, Click the logos below for some really nice ideas...

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